Trunk-lid Torsionspring Notes

First Published Jan2020, R. Kwas, updates on-going

SVO2572 Available for Rent


Trunk lids of 122 and 1800 vehicles are supported by two Torsionsprings which through their preload, supply an opening force to the lids to hold them in-place.  These springs were typically in the first (lowest) preload position of their mounts, as the vehicle was assembled and delivered.  As the springs relax after 50 years, it may be necessary to compensate for the reduced preload by moving their ends to the second position.  I suppose there may have been some individuals who have successfully done this using standard tools, but I found it quite tricky, having tried this unsuccessfully also, because applying the necessary force is awkward and the force these springs store is substantial, such that if something goes very wrong and the slipjoint pliers slip out of place, much force can be uncontrollably released causing damage or the very least, scaring the hell out of the cat which might be watching!  It's best and recommended to use the Special Volvo TOol (SVO2572) shown below, and wear eye protection!  This is not a joke!...shrapnel from a broken spring is every bit as unhealthy as that from a Claymore!!


From:  (Factory Body Service Manual for 120 Page 6-18):  ...not showing the use and application of SVO2572 particularly specifically...I expect when one has the tool in-hand, and can apply it to the Torsionsprings, that it becomes clearer...after I get the tool in-hand, I will post some more explicit pictures.

Here, a bit more detail on SVO2572.  From Tradera (Swedish on-line auction site).

A picture of SVO2572, fabricated by tiblu of the Swedespeed forum:  


SVO2572 Available for Rent!

I am going to weld up my very own version of a SVO2572 sometime...if you would like to rent/borrow it for $20 (against a $50 core charge, to assure I get it back!), send me an e-mail to see if its available. 


The P1800 also used Torsionsprings to support the Trunklid. 


The 1800ES used Gas-charged to support the unique glass rear Hatch/Window. 





Reference Information: 

From factory manual (picture quality is better, but still less than explicit!): 

Loosening Torsionspring.

Removing Torsionspring.


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