"Sheet Pasta Gone Wrong"... ("SPGW" term coined by one Gordon H.)     
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1800 Rearseat Suspension

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Odd Metaphor
    Sheet Pasta Gone Right


[With the formed wires for making the all metal replacements for the organic Seat and Seatback Suspension Kits available again, it was time to revisit the subject.]

The original Amazon and 1800 seats are quite nice...a result once again of first class Swedish engineering and execution...but after some years, they often do need a bit of help to be their former, comfortable self.  The Pirelli (yes, that tire company!) supplied suspension bands being an organic material, deteriorate and completely loose their elastic characteristics, and give cause to Gordon H, to come up with the description. 

Seat Suspension: 

I will never forget the SPGW term, coined a long time ago...because it perfectly describes aged Pirelli Straps, and it also satisfies my "including the Odd Metaphor" rule well!  


122 Seat, after about 20 years:  Sheet Pasta Gone Wrong!


After a little help!:

1800 Seat, during installation of all-metal suspension.  David Smith picture posted with his kind permission. 


Seat Frame with Suspension viewed from below, showing the addition of a piece of canvas as a protective separation between the metal suspension and cushion.

Ron Franklin pic used with his kind permission.


Seatback Suspension: 

Note:  A production variation has been observed, in the implementation of the Lumbar supports between 122 and 1800 Seatbacks! 

122 Seatback Suspension:

More SPGW!

122 Seatback without Headrest. (View from behind).  Lumbar support is the simple tension type, characterized externally by a simple access hole in the Seatback side, to the Tension Screw for adjustment.  Internally, wide Pirelli Bands are held to their frames by clips similar to those securing the "M" wire array to the frame.


An 1800 seatback which has been previously reworked using a burlap type webbing (not really enough stretch or compliance!), and for some reason, they left the Lower Lumbar Support untouched, and in the original Pirelli Strap, which has most decidedly turned into a fine example of "Sheet Pasta Gone (very) Wrong"!  Notice also that the OE downtubes are in place, so this seatback is ready for a Headrest to replace the questionable one visible.  This seatback is slated to be reworked again, using super-groovy SW-EM all-metal suspension kits guaranteed never again to turn into SPGW!  Stephen Mcindoe picture shown with his kind permission.


An extreme example...!

William Snellman picture used with his kind permission.



122 Seatback with Headrest.  (View from Seat side!)

122 Seatback After: 

SPGW replaced with all-metal suspension, and before replacement of cushion cover (anti-squeak tubing added at strategic crossing locations).

Chris Mardis pictures used with his kind permission.   Note Lumbar Support ends are splayed open.


One last peek before closing up the Seatback: 


122 Wagon Seatback: 

There's a scary level of SPGW in this Before pic!


1800 Seatback Suspension:  

Pic by installer who has asked to be identified only as SET.

Seatback suspension, of an injected ('71) 1800E. 

Note same "M" wire array in a slightly different, but dimensionally similar frame, but different lumbar strap implementation:  Webbing is not of the rubberized band, but a less flexible canvas band (meaning this seatback may have undergone some previous work), and clips have non-splayed ends!  The mechanism for lumbar adjustment is also a lever with a bit of a mechanical advantage given to the big external Adjustment Knob!


Later 1800 Seatback style, with Lumbar support adjustment at maximum tension.  Note big Lumbar Adjustment Knob.  Ron Franklin pictures used with his kind permission.  These two pix are from when he refurbished the Seats and Seatbacks in his 122, but I believe they are similar to those fitted to 1800s, again, variations have been noted and it's best to verify dimensions of the "M" wire array and Lumbar Support style from the Seats they are going on when ordering kits...


Later 1800 (122) Seatback style, with Lumbar support adjustment at minimum tension.


1800 Rearseat Suspension:

For those restoring their 1800 with a all-metal front Seat Susp kits, they might for consistency's sake, want to also redo their rear seat in all metal as well... 


RearSeat Suspension Kit for 1800, featuring two transverse and six longitudinal compliant links, exactly the same as the oe design, except in permanent all-metal!  Packaged for shipment, it can be a pretty jumbled mess of wires.  Red and Blue color coding on wires helps with untangling the jumble!


Reference Information:

11 Year Seat Advert:

Well...11 years have come and gone (more than a few times now!)...and knowing that replacing the SPGW with original replacement band would still be subjected to the same deterioration, and not liking that idea so much, I came up with the all-metal solution.


Original Equipment All Metal Seat Suspension: 

The factory also went away from the organic rubberized seat suspensions, starting with the late 1800s and 140 series. 

Sander Noordervliet picture of a factory all metal suspension from a 1800ES.  Pic used with his kind permission.

Factory all-metal seat suspension of an 1800ES. 


Odd Metaphor: 

If there is "Sheet Pasta Gone Wrong", there must also be "Sheet Pasta Gone Right"!

Do not mistake this for a picture of installation of the Pirelli seat suspension!...it is a picture of "Sheet Pasta Gone Right" courtesy of Wendy, master chef at the SWedish-EMbassy, Nutritional Devision of the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Ethnic Department (SW-EM-NDUMRKED).



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