Fuseblock Core Notes

5-2012 R. Kwas


When returning 122 (also 544,12V) cores for rework, they must be at least whole and undamaged. 

Acceptable:  Whole, dirty and/or corroded to almost any extent. 

Less than Acceptable, (which may affect value and refund):  Broken or otherwise damaged Base or terminals...see some examples below!


FB1.  Someone has tried to apply the solder rework...good, and points are awarded for effort, but unfortunately, these points get immediately deducted, because they used what looks like plumbing solder, and the associated highly corrosive acid flux, without cleaning it off well after the soldering process, resulting in superficial (at least!) deterioration of the terminals.  The Fuse 1 terminal has also been "adjusted" (i.e. "bent to s**t") so that it no longer needs the 7 X 17mm shorty fuse.  This core will take extra work to prepare for rework, but is probably OK (just!) as a core.  

FB2.  ...is in generally good shape when it come to state of corrosion, but the north-east corner of the base has an unmistakable chip out of it, decreasing its value as a core...

FB3.  ...besides looking like it has been unearthed by Dr. Leaky in an archeological dig, after being buried for the last couple of decades, this FB has a broken off terminal (not a problem as it can be replaced during rework), a broken push-on terminal (also not a problem, if the FB terminal it is on is undamaged), but worst of all, it has the broken off remains of the thumbscrew of the cover in the threaded insert.  This FB had a hard life, and has little value as a core. 

FB4.  ...also has a broken corner...the bent spring fuse terminals are less of an issue, and the remains of a push-on terminal can be removed during the rework process...again, a chipped base decreases its value... 


Examples of FB cores and some conditions which can occur. 


The above information also applies to sending used Fuseblocks outright, and not associated with purchase of a SW-EM reworked one.  Please package them well protected (wrapped in bubble pack and placed in a padded envelope, sent first class mail will be only a modest postal charge) send them to the PO Box address on the SW-EM Kits page, and after inspection and determination of condition based on the above notes, I will be happy to compensate the sender up to $15 apiece.    


1800 FB Cores?  You can keep these...I don't want 'em!


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